14 Reasons Why This is the Worst Congress Ever

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Ezra Klein of the Washington Post used Friday the 13th to detail frightening facts that would terrify even black cats (ugh) and the hockey mask-wearing serial killer whose films normally dominate the day.

“The 112th Congress is no ordinary congress,” Mr. Klein wrote. “It’s a very bad, no good, terrible Congress.

“It is, in fact, one of the very worst congresses we have ever had.”


Democrats and Republicans alike are taken to task in his article punctuated with graphs, charts, and other information that may inspire one to wish that November 6 would just show up tomorrow.

Our diminished credit rating, delayed economic recovery, the FAA shutdown, Congress’ extreme polarization, and their lack of appropriations bills enacted (zero), are just a few of the 14 reasons why this is the worst Congress ever.  

Give it a read and please comment below with your thoughts on the Mr. Klein’s piece.  Are his 14 complaints not enough, just right, or too many?  


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