About Fire Congress

In order for a representative democracy to function effectively, delegates must be accountable to the voters who send them to the assembly. Representatives are charged not necessarily with voting according to their constituents’ explicit wishes, but at least with the people’s best interest in mind. This is currently not happening. There was a time not all that long ago when holding an elected post was referred to as public service. Today, representatives have become drunk on the perks of office and no one in Congress is getting the job done.

 One of the primary reasons for the present situation is the breakdown of the two-party system over the past 40 years. The extreme polarization and hyper-partisanship—the childish behavior, the bickering, the name-calling, and the obstructionism—have reduced the legislative process to endless rounds of stalemate without compromise. When a Democrat holds the Oval Office, Republicans’ main objective is to make sure he is not re-elected (the “Party of ‘No’”); and the reverse is just as true. In short, the hierarchical code to which Congress apparently adheres is, to paraphrase A Few Good Men, “party, fundraisers, God, country.” Our congressional representatives are putting their party before the country, and the country is suffering for it.

 Where is legislation to promote job creation and economic growth? Where is reformation of our labyrinthine tax code? Where are regulations to promote the responsible use and protection of our environment? Healthcare reform was a great idea horrendously executed. Originally a conservative idea, it’s detested by conservatives because it was proposed by a liberal. Meanwhile, Democrats, reduced to infighting despite their super-majority, stuffed the law with wasteful and unnecessary provisions to ensure that it passed. When the votes were tallied, we all lost.

 The expense and hard work of mounting a political campaign make representatives beholden not only to their party, but to their fundraisers as well. Individuals and institutions with enormous wealth bankroll political campaigns, and politicians would cut benefits to those who most need the support because some millionaire doesn’t want his taxes raised. Average Americans are at a disadvantage unless they band together. We have to start electing representatives who can stand up to corporate intimidation, who aren’t obligated to cater to special interests.

 Fire Congress takes a light-hearted approach to serious political discourse. We aim to provide a public forum to discuss the need to fire Congress, change the country’s political environment, and improve our nation. We are not coming from a partisan angle; we want to speak to Americans in general, to encourage them to think outside the normal political divides.

 Look beyond Democrat and Republican, conservative and liberal. If all of the peole who are fed up with both parties could get together and see that there are others like them out there, they could effect significant change. Social networking and legitimate grassroots efforts can turn the current political structure upside down. We are the 99%, and there is power in numbers!