Congress Plummets to New Low

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Ratings DownIs it Congress’ recent lack of progress on important legislation like tax reform, immigration reform, and a meaningful Farm Bill? Is it their seeming impotence in the face of the IRS scandals: targeting conservative groups and (ironically!) wanton fiscal irresponsibility? Is it their complete obeisance to the executive branch—and their cloying condescension toward the citizens they serve—regarding the ongoing NSA surveillance scandal? Or, is it their inability to compromise on…well, anything…that has caused Congress to plummet to new lows in terms of Americans’ confidence?

CNN reports that a new poll by Gallup found Americans’ confidence in Congress as an institution at an all-time low. Only 10% of respondents said they have confidence in Congress. “That’s down three percentage points from last year, and according to [Gallup’s] release, ‘this is the lowest level of confidence Gallup has found, not only for Congress, but for any institution on record’.” Political affiliation made little difference with regard to respondents’ opinion of our nation’s legislative branch.

Gallup has been polling the American public about their attitudes toward Congress since 1973. At that time, they found a 42% rate of confidence in Congress—the institutions high point. However, it now seems that “Congress ranks last on a list of 16 institutions.”

With such abysmal ratings, it seems as if the only answer is to Fire Congress! Be sure to share your opinions about what we, as concerned citizens, can do to protect our great nation from those leaders who insist on betraying the trust that we’ve put in them.

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