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 Steve Kroft seems like an amiable guy.  Apparently, he performs thorough due diligence for his 60 Minutes pieces and gives everyone involved in the story a chance to respond to whatever allegations are floating around.  

But I get the impression he doesn’t like being blown off or seeing the common person get worked over.  For example, say you’re Nancy Pelosi (D-California).  You decline his request for an interview but agree to call on him at a news conference.  He just might bring out the big guns and ask you a question about senators (like you) having special IPO and insider stock privileges — the same kind of stuff that would put the rest of your constituents in jail.  (But hey, how can someone live on only $174,000 a year, right?)

Check out Mr. Kroft’s great article from November 2011 exposing members of Congress legally trading stock on non-public information they receive while on the job.  “Congress: Trading stock on inside information?”

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Chris Carley is producer, writer, and entrepreneur. He grew up Republican, became a Democrat, then decided it's easier to analyze issues and people individually before casting his vote.

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