Congress’ Help Drying Out

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I don’t think Congress likes veggies.  

I’m adding that to the reasons that the 112th is dilly-dallying with the Farm Bill — I mean, you can’t eat them greens if the farmers don’t grow ’em!   It sounds childish and stupid but remember about whom we’re talking.  

The country is besieged with drought, farmers are suffering as a result, and Congress continues to procrastinates as though they earn frequent flyer miles for every day they delay important matters.

And now it appears as though the Farm Bill won’t be decided until “November’s lame-duck session, farmers will join Medicare physicians whose pay will be running out, idled workers worried about jobless benefits, and very likely, millions of families faced with expiring tax breaks,” David Rogers writes.  “Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), after all, spent his early years on the Agriculture Committee and prides himself on being a ‘regular order’ and pro-chairman leader. He chastises Obama regularly for doing precisely this: kicking the can down the road.”

Barring a nation-wide biblical rain, our nation’s farmers — and those tied to the agricultural industry — may suffer even more.   Read the rest of Rogers’ article and tell us below what you think.

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