Incompetent or Unpopular?

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Americans are a pragmatic bunch—reactionary at times, but almost always practical. That’s why we’re so frustrated with the actions—or inaction, as is all too often the case—of Congress. But in a recent interview with U.S. News & World Report, former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell points out that American politicians often lack the courage to do what is necessary to solve problems out of a sense of self-preservation.

[Elected officials and others who are in control of America] are wusses because, first, they won’t tell their constituents the truth. They don’t believe that their constituents can handle the truth, and I disagree with that strongly. Secondly, they won’t do things that they know are the right thing or the only thing we can do to get out of the trouble we are in because they are afraid of losing their jobs.

I’ve written a great deal in my posts on about how we voters need to “throw the bums out,” how you need to vote for those who will do what’s right for you rather corporate donors. That advice should prompt you to consider the question, “What is right for me?” Today, I encourage you to bear in mind your long-term interests when deciding who will get your vote.

As Rendell notes:

[No one in government is willing to invest money in infrastructure improvements] because too many of our people have signed a no-tax, no-revenue pledge. Well, it makes no sense. In fact, even in the 2010 election, the most conservative election in my lifetime, people approved 64 percent of transportation infrastructure ballot initiatives, and each one of them called for either new taxes, new tolling, or new borrowing because people understand that, and they understand it’s necessary.

I’m not saying that you should vote for the person who’s going to raise your taxes. I like to keep as much of my money as possible—just like the next person. But if you’re like the folks who voted for tax-raising ballot initiatives because they knew that important projects required funding, perhaps a tax increase is necessary. Odious, but necessary.

In the end, don’t be afraid to support politicians who will tell you the truth and who have the courage to do what is really necessary to improve our great nation. You may not always like what that person is doing, but you’ll rest easier knowing that what they’re doing is what needs to be done!

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