Moderation in All Things!

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Are you someone who likes to solve problems? The kind of big problems that our country seems to have a load of these days? Or are you the sort of person who likes to get their way, the benefit of others—and even youself—be damned? Think about your answer to these questions the next time you head to the polls.

These are pertinent questions because, as this CNN article points out, moderates are leaving Congress in droves. Folks like Senator Richard Luger (R-Indiana), who after 35 years in office was defeated by a Tea Party-backed candidate in a recent primary election. And Senator Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), who is retiring this year after being frustrated with the lack of compromise in government. These aren’t people who are part of the problem. These are leaders who have reached out to the opposition to work together to fix things.

America is fed up with its government—and with Congress in particular. That much is clear from the abysmal approval ratings the public gives its elected representatives at every opportunity. But change for the sake of change can sometimes lead to more of the same. When you mark your ballot this election season, think long and hard about the sort of person you’ll be sending to Washington. Are they principled, but willing to work with others to accomplish real change for the benefit of all? Or are they the sort of hard-headed ideologue who will contribute to the do-nothing bickering pervading our government these days?

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