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Nate Bell Twitter Boston

State Representative Nate Bell (R-Arkansas) [Photo: BallotPedia]

We normally don’t spend much time on members of state legislatures — our hands are full with the ne’er-do-wells in the United States Congress. But in case Arkansas state representative Nate Bell (R) has any aspirations of running for Congress, let’s just pre-fire him now and ask the good people of the Razorback State to never, ever send him to Washington. 


Following a tense night in Watertown, Massachusetts, where police hunted (and killed one of) the Boston Marathon terrorists, Roscoe Arbuckle‘s modern day doppleganger today seized the opportunity to promote his pro-gun agenda.


It didn’t go over well. Bell further dug himself deeper by retweeting a Bible verse state legislature crony Jason Rapert (R) inexplicably sent last night:

So we’re supposed to love the Boston Marathon bombers from whom people need assault weapons to protect themselves? And love Nate Bell? Or we should hate the Marathon bombers and love Nate Bell? 

Bell issued a wishy-washy apology this afternoon:

Nate Bell Twitter Apology


He’s sorry for his “poor timing” – but not what he said. In other words, he doesn’t regret what he said – just the fact that he did so at the wrong moment. Absolutely pathetic. Fire Nate Bell now – and ensure he’s never elected for anything else again. 

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