Senator Jeff Flake: With Sons Like These?

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I try not to drag public figures’ families into the news. Some spouses, children, and other family members don’t crave the spotlight. More importantly, spotlighting them can become privacy and safety issues.

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake

Senator Jeff Flake

But when family members insist on becoming the news, that’s an entirely different matter. Witness two sons of Arizona senator Jeff Flake, representing the Grand Canyon State with John McCain.

Their alarming and shocking behavior naturally sparks the thought, It’s frightening that someone who brought them up is one of our country’s leaders.

Flake’s son Austin is involved with an investigation centered around the tragic deaths of 20 dogs for whom he was tasked to care.

Barely a year ago, another Flake son — Tanner — created a stir himself.

Sen. Jeff Flake’s high school–aged son Tanner used Twitter to threaten the “faggot” who stole his bike that he “will find you, and … will beat the crap out of you,” joked about an acquaintance stealing one-liners because he’s Jewish, and went by the name “n1ggerkiller” in an online game.

[Tanner also] called Mexicans the “scum of the Earth,” and on several occasions bragged that his father is a member of Congress.

Flake appropriately issued apologies both times (as he should have).

Have all of us done something stupid at some point? Yes.

Yet the instances of irresponsible behavior demonstrated by the Flake children is especially disturbing because it could represent a familial pattern — and the patriarch is a member of Congress and decides our country’s laws.

Flake’s children have caused significant emotional harm to people — either through (allegedly) killing pets or hurling slurs.

Was it the way Flake brought up his kids? Is it the way the children are wired? Who knows? But he can’t seem to raise responsible children — so why should he be allowed the privilege of helping lead anyone else…especially our country?

(If you feel compelled to let Senator Flake know your feelings, you can contact him here.)

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