Sequester Forces Blue Angels, Thunderbirds to Cancel Seasons

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By Chris Carley, Guest Writer

Sequestration has claimed two of the military’s greatest recruiting tools: the Navy’s Blue Angels and Air Force Thunderbirds flying demonstration teams were forced to cancel their remaining show seasons. 

What potential harm does this mean? More than you may think.

The elite squads have been praised as the armed forces’ “proudest and arguably best recruiting tools.” 

Thunderbirds Cancel 2013John Cudahy, president of the International Council of Air Shows, said the cancellations are “a crushing blow, not only to the industry, but for thousands of fans.”  [When] the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds don’t participate in an air show it not only hurts attendance — it makes it less than it was,” he told

If fans cancel their air show plans, local businesses — many of whom already feel the sequester’s effects — suffer.  Out of town visitors may cancel trips — leaving hotels, restaurants, stores, and other vendors in the hangar.

The International Council of Air Shows says that North America’s nearly 350 annual air shows entertain 10-12 million attendees — and generate a total of about $110 million. 

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The Blue Angels and Thunderbirds are fantastic cheerleaders for American pride and give audiences more reasons to be proud of the United States. Our elected lawmakers can’t truthfully claim either of those qualities — perhaps it was easier from them to simply ground their competition.

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