Shutdown Slogs On as Do-Nothing Congress Does Nothing

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On Thursday, House Republicans agreed (with each other, at least, which is a start!) on a plan that does little more than kick the budget/deficit/shutdown can down the road a little further. Their grand plan was to extend the debt limit by a mere six weeks and keep the government partially shuttered—so we can all have this discussion again in a month and a half.

The Senate has grown weary with the failure of the House to accomplish anything useful, however. “Senators say they are willing to give [House Speaker John] Boehner a bit more time, about 24 to 48 hours, to come to an agreement with the White House to raise the debt ceiling and reopen the government,” CNN’s Dana Bash reported yesterday.

With negotiations between the White House and the lower chamber stalled today, your dedicated Representatives did what they do best: packed in their things and headed home. Fortunately, the Senate has taken up the task—with an eye toward actually accomplishing something.

The next few days will be very telling about who among our elected officials are interested in getting things done for the American people and who are more interested in political grandstanding for their own benefit and the benefit of their party. Keep the pressure on your members of Congress! Let them know what you want out of them—and, most importantly, let them know you want a resolution to this mess now!

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