The Case for Firing Congress

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Why should the American people fire Congress?  Let’s think about what Congress is supposed to do.  Essentially, Congress is tasked with passing laws.  These laws are supposed to strengthen our country, protect its citizens and allow all Americans a fair shot at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The people vote for two Senators from their state and a Representative from their district to represent them in Congress.  These elected officials are supposed to represent their constituents.  They are supposed to vote with the people’s best interests in mind.  Sounds simple enough….you vote for someone to represent you.  This representative goes to Washington and does his job, which is to pass laws that benefit you in some way or vote against laws that would harm you in some way.  In return, you vote for him again and he gets to keep his job.

Here’s what really happens:  There are two parties that control almost all of Congress (533 out of 535 seats).  Each party’s main goal is to strengthen its power by gaining more seats.  Senators and Representatives almost always vote along party lines.  One party will sometimes decide to collectively vote against a bill because it was introduced by the other party.  Members of Congress have effectively pledged ultimate loyalty to their party, then to the people who fund their campaigns, then to the people they represent.  Logically speaking, one would assume that the voters would be disappointed with how their representatives were not putting their best interests first.  The voters would collectively decide that they would not vote for their current representative in the next election.

Here’s what really happens:  The two parties spend hundreds of millions of dollars to run their candidates’ campaigns.  The money comes from corporations, wealthy individuals and special interests.  All of the money used by the two parties effectively shuts out the opportunity for third party and independent candidates to get elected.  In return for the contributions from the corporations, wealthy individuals and special interests, the candidate votes on legislation with his contributors’ best interests in mind.  Wait a minute….aren’t the representatives supposed to vote with the people’s best interests in mind?

O.k., now I get it…..the people vote for someone to represent them.  The representative goes to Washington and votes for his party’s best interests, then his campaign contributor’s best interests and then the people’s best interests.  It doesn’t seem that the people will be getting much representation in return for their vote.  Somehow, these representatvies consistently get re-elected.  When terms are over, the people elect new representatives that behave the same way.

Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, a conservative or a liberal, you have to ask yourself the question:  What has my party done for me lately?  Considering that Congress’ approval rating is under 15%, I think you know that they haven’t done much at all for any of us.  Isn’t it time to stop voting for the same people, the ones who don’t represent us, the ones who put party before country, before us?

It’s time to Fire Congress !!



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