Throw the Bums Out!

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It seems you aren’t the only one fed up with Congress’s recent performance. Despite the fact that it looks as if America will be able to pay its bills—for now!—Americans are not pleased with the behavior of their legislature. Indeed, they are now more likely than ever to say they want to replace their elected representative in the next election cycle. In short, they want to throw the bums out!

The irony is that Americans constantly rail against Congress; voters recently gave their representatives the lowest approval rating ever. But when it comes time to vote, folks don’t usually throw their own lawmaker under the bus. However, recent polls suggest that may be changing:

While nearly three-quarters of registered voters questioned in a Pew Research Center poll released Tuesday said they would like to see most members of Congress defeated in the next election, there was an even more eye popping number: Thirty-eight percent said they didn’t want their own representative re-elected. That’s the highest level recorded in the more than two decades that Pew has been asking that question.

Apparently, readers of this website aren’t alone in their sentiments. The key is to put your money where your mouth ballot is. The next time you go to the polls, carefully evaluate who’s really representing your interests in Washington—and vote accordingly!

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