Who Represents Me?

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Nowadays, asking “Who represents me?” may seem like a rhetorical question or spark a heated discussion — but all you might really want to find out is, y’know, who represents you.  

If you’re visiting this website, chances are you already know.  But maybe you’re here because friend told you to check out the awesome store. Perhaps you Googled a handsome old boyfriend named Bud Friedman and accidentally wound up reading posts written by this dashing black labrador dog of the same name.  Maybe you just want a little change in the country and don’t know where to start.  (Or maybe all three — but please note that I am cuter than any other Bud Friedman)  

Assuming you know where you live, the below sites should steer you in the right direction:

The US House of Representatives’ website throws you a bone by matching your ZIP code to your congressional district. It then provides you with links to your representatives’s website and contact page.    

The US Senate’s website lists its rogues gallery of members all on a single page that seems a festival of drop-down menus and links. 

Wondering whose jobs are on the line this election?  The hard-working folks at Politics1.com created this page with links to each state’s races. Just click your state on the map or — wait, it’s OK — your state’s name on the list below, just in case your geography skills aren’t quite what they once were.

We’ll also be posting other information such as getting registered to vote and where to show up on election day.  Keep checking back to FireCongress.com or learn about it on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

If you know of any other sites that are even more helpful, please tell us!  Reply below and we just may include them in future updates.

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